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Responsive Design: A responsive website will automatically detect whether a visitor is using a desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone. And it then responds by showing the most appropriate design and format to work on each device.

Content Management System (CMS): A Content Management System is a way to upload words, images and more to your website without having to individually code every single page from scratch. Our CMS systems make it easy for you to update your website without needing any technical knowledge, and we can run you through the process to manage your site in minutes.

WebSmart Terms and Conditions:

*Money Back Guarantee: Our Money Back Guarantee is based on the delivery of your website to the design agreed either at point of ordering (WebSmart and WebSmart+), or at the end of the design consultation (WebSmart Ultimate).

Support: We provide a set level of ongoing support for your website. This includes monitoring for any downtime or outages, ensuring that the website is updated to the latest version of the appropriate CMS system, and maintaining secure servers, domain renewals and any SSL Certificates required.