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Our Core Values

Everything We Do Is Based On Our Core Values

It’s how we work and why we are so successful at what we do. You will get honesty, integrity and advice you might not want to hear but it’s based on decades of experience in an ever-changing marketing world.

Quality And Value Driven

We don’t build inferior websites or offer marketing that does not work. Everything we do is high-end but without the excessive price tag that a small or medium business just cannot afford.

Committed To The SME Community

We believe that the unique challenges an SME business faces in terms of marketing budgets can hinder growth and it is difficult to find a marketing partner that will deal with them honestly and fairly. SDG has, and always will, support the SME community with a range of services and products that will help them grow their business.

Brutally Honest And Transparent

SDG offers list pricing, will always deal honestly and fairly with its client, never oversell and will even turn down business that we feel is a waste of our client’s money. If we see a new business venture that we think simply won’t work, we will not take the job and waste their money. If a client wants an honest opinion, we will always give it even if they do not like what we say.

Work With Integrity

SDG is an honourable business with staff that understands we work for our clients’ benefit and growth. Whatever we say, do or recommend is based on our decades of experience and the advice we give is never based on increasing our turnover. Our integrity is one of the most important core values that we will always uphold.

Offer Exceptional Support

SDG is always available by telephone or e-mail to give support to clients even if the work is completed. Support takes priority over new business and ensures our clients’ needs are met and exceeded.

Invest In Change

Our industry changes constantly. Marketing is very fluid and what works today will not necessarily work tomorrow. We keep up-to-date with the latest search engine algorithms and marketing trends and train our staff constantly.

Keeping Up To Date With Technology

The Smart Domain Group invest heavily to keep up-to-date with the latest technology and train constantly to ensure we can offer our clients the best design and marketing solutions at all times.

Be Flexible

Everything we do is customisable to our client’s needs and wants. Our ability to bend our services and product range to fit exactly with our client’s requirements is a core part of our strategy for long-term business partnerships with everyone we do business with.

Look, Listen and Learn

We adapt to constant change and we learn from our clients and each other and share that knowledge to maintain our position as one of the best small to medium business marketing specialists in the country.

Forgive Our Customers Sins

We acknowledge that our customers have fixed ideas, needs and wants and appreciate that they may not fit with what we think is best for them. When this happens we will always give the best advice and not just base it on what earns us the most money. Ultimately we will do what the client wants us to do; but we will always give our honest and best advice at all times.

Understand Our Customers

Before we undertake any work, we will always do everything we can to understand our customers, what they do, how the work and what they are looking to achieve. This takes time but we understand it is an essential part of a long-term business partnership that benefits both parties.

Keep It Smart!

Everything we do is time served and proven to work for our clients. We are an innovative company that looks, listens and provides the best products that benefits our customers and works exactly to their requirements. SDG constantly looks to new marketing techniques, new ideas and adapts to those. If we keep it smart, our clients and us benefit.