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What We Do

Web design and marketing specialistsWe have seen huge changes in our industry over the last sixteen years. Marketing has changed for all of us and a Yellow Pages advert just isn’t good enough anymore! Everything we do is based on making our clients more successful. Which is why we’ve grown as a UK web design company over the last 17 years. And continue to gain more business every month.

Innovative web design and marketing solution, better products, outstanding support and fair pricing has helped our clients for sure. But it’s also kept us very busy! And we are proud of our business ethics, our commitment to our clients, and the willingness to go beyond the norm to help each and every one of you.

We took an early decision to specialise in helping small to medium businesses

We understand the unique marketing problems smaller to medium business owners have. They include limited budgets, a lack of expertise, no time to market themselves properly and a general fear of marketing itself! We also know what a large corporate business needs to get noticed and work with equal success for both, but the majority of our clients are smaller; we prefer it that way.

New technology, digital marketing, social media and just getting found by the search engines are a constant problem. We have experts in all areas of marketing, from web design and copywriting to marketing strategy and offer some of the best repayment methods and products to help our clients be more successful.

Everything We Do Is Based On Our Core Values

You can see them here. It’s how we work and why we are so successful at what we do. You will get honesty, integrity, advice you might not want to hear but it’s based on decades of experience in an ever changing marketing world.

View Our Core Values

UK web design companyWe Are Not Your Average UK Web Design Company

If you ask for search engine optimisation and your website just isn’t up to the job, we will tell you. For us it’s not just about taking your money, it’s about delivering a product that works. Being brutally honest about what you have already and why it won’t work is sometimes a bitter pill to swallow, but at least we know we have done the right thing and not wasted your money.

Nice People To Do Business With

Every one of the staff at Smart Domain Group is an expert in their field but more importantly than that, they are really nice people! Many have been here for ten years or more. They are approachable, professional and each knows our core values and what we represent (they wrote it!) All of our clients can telephone us if they need some marketing advice, or if they have a technical issue (almost unheard of in our industry!). And we know our clients trust us to give them the best advice for them rather than advice that just makes us more money.