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Create your visual identity and improve customer trust with proven branding

Effective branding means your customers experience the same high levels of quality and design whenever they encounter your business.

It’s far more than having a great logo

A logo is how your business is identified straight away. But it also needs to represent your company values - and make sure it helps you to grow by being memorable. To sum all that up in one logo takes skill and expertise and it also needs to carry across all of your branding.

A brand encompasses everything that a customer or potential customer will experience when they interact with your company. It includes the colours, fonts, typography, tone of voice, imagery and assets you use across all your marketing materials like websites, letters, and advertisements. Style guidelines can be drawn up, agreed upon and then be provided in a brand book to ensure everyone in your company knows the rules.

That’s why large and successful companies all tend to have strong branding, especially when they’re selling products directly to consumers. You don’t need to read the packaging to pick out a can of your favourite soft drink, because the branding itself makes it easy. And, the easier you make it for your customers, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

Branding isn’t just about looks…

It works at an emotional level. As well as creating a visual identity, branding can influence how your customers feel when they open your letters or see your brochures.

Attractive, professional and consistent branding will improve your image and encourage customers to place their trust in you. Effective branding design can help establish “a place in the market” for a start-up business or grow the customer base for an existing time served business.

Take a look at some of our branding projects!

Coffee Bean Shop
Flint & Son
Faversham Linnen
Hurlingham Roofing

Why Is Branding So Important?

The average customer or client will generally need to encounter your brand a few times before it becomes memorable (the typical estimate is around 5-7 occasions). So, they might see an advert, a leaflet and your website before committing to a purchase.

If your branding is consistently high quality, these separate items will all work together to boost your business. If not, your customers might not even realise they all belong to the same company – and in the worst case, could confuse you with a competitor.


The Benefits of Good Branding

As you can see from the examples above, our branding design specialists are able to produce a range of stationery, brochures, leaflets and more. All of which will be designed to display your brand in the best way.

We can even help you to arrange the printing via trusted partnerships with suppliers to give you the best deal.

Be proud of your business and show the world how good it is with the branding it deserves.