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FREE 2 Years Hosting & Support worth £500...

...with our Complete Marketing Package

Experts in Design, SEO and Marketing working for you every month!

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Complete Marketing Packages

Complete marketing packages from Smart Domain GroupA proven experienced and professional web design and marketing team at your disposal for a fixed monthly fee!

It's impossible to market your business yourself properly.

You would need a website designer a computer programmer a search engine optimisation specialist a marketing expert, a social media expert and a project manager to oversee it all.

Imagine the cost and drain on your resources, time and energy. With our complete marketing and web design packages you get all of these at a fraction of the cost working for you every month to get you qualified business enquiries that will get you back far more than the cost.

Small and medium business marketing has changed. It’s evolved and become very specialised – a simple advert in the Yellow Pages just isn’t enough anymore!

We help hundreds of businesses just like yours get new customers using proven marketing techniques. We create fantastic websites, offer a range of search engine optimisation packages, do your social media, e-mail marketing, brochures, branding and much more leaving you to get on with your business.


Our Experts Do It All - You Get On With Your Business

For a fraction of the cost of your own marketing team, we will dramatically increase the number of sales enquiries you receive and the revenue will far outweigh the cost.

We save you time

You save time – all your marketing and website design is done for you

Transparent service

We create you new business opportunities

Marketing department

You get a professional marketing and web design department

We save you money

You save money

Marketing trends

The latest marketing trends, website design, search engine optimisation – we deal with everything

Small to medium businesses

Suitable for every size of business; from the smallest one man and his van to large blue chip companies

Our Complete Marketing Packages Include:

A professional website, search engine optimisation, hosting and support, a full marketing review, adverts written for you, social media, e-mail marketing and ongoing sensible advice from marketing experts that have been doing this for eighteen years for hundreds of businesses.

Call today on 01634 810600 or 0333 666 7 888. You will speak with a web design and marketing expert, not a salesman, who has the knowledge and expertise to advise you on how to make marketing simple, effective and cost effective for you and your business.

Free Website And Marketing Review

Use the contact form or call us to get your review from a marketing expert. It’s totally free, unbiased and brutally honest! Free help and advice without any cost to you is available, get in touch.

Pay Monthly

No large upfront fees, you know exactly what it will cost every month; it will be less than you think and affordable for every business. We work to your budget, get a customised quote today.

Web design, Brochure Creation
SDG do everything for us and have made a massive difference to our business. It’s great having them just a telephone call away and the work they do has made us money, saved us money, time and the stress and uncertainty of marketing our business. Graham Sussex (owner) – Pro-Box

We will customise a marketing package suitable for your business.

Here are two examples of marketing and web design packages suitable for smaller businesses to give you an idea of cost savings compared to employing your own staff.

Package 1

SME Complete marketing package
£ 295 + VAT
PER MONTH (minimum 12 month term)
  • 20 Page website
  • Monthly search engine optimisation
  • 1 hour Social Media
  • Quarterly Google algorithm changes
  • Unlimited free marketing advice
  • 2 adverts created annually
  • Hosting, e-mails and 2 hours of support included for 24 months' worth £500

Package 2

Larger SME and medium sized business
£ 495 + VAT
  • 20 Page website
  • Increased Monthly search engine optimisation
  • Monthly report on progress
  • 2 hours Social Media
  • Monthly Google algorithm changes
  • Website rebuild every two years
  • Unlimited free marketing advice
  • 4 adverts created annually
  • Hosting, e-mails and 2 hours of support included for 24 months' worth £500