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Business Website Hosting

Highest quality business website hosting, e-mail services and outstanding support. All at a fixed, affordable cost, with no contract, and a pay monthly option with HostSmart.

You will benefit from our heavy investment in powerful servers, massive bandwidth, dedicated servers that are monitored 24 hours a day/7 days a week in a UK data centre, premium telephone and e-mail support and the reassurance of dealing with a company that has been successfully hosting small to medium business websites for over 17 years.

We call it the Premium Care Package and it includes:

Fixed cost hosting

Fixed cost hosting with monthly payment options

Telephone hosting support

Telephone support whenever you need it

Website servers hosted in the UK

Your website hosted on a UK Server

Uptime guaranteed

Guaranteed uptime

Website backups

Nightly backups of your website

Email services

Premium e-mail facilities with virus scanning as standard

Free .uk domain name

Free domain name renewal

Option for website support

Website support option

Business website hosting with HostSmartYou even have the option of website support as well

If you want to make changes to your website or it’s not working as you would like it to, we can add website support as well. That’s an option you won’t find anywhere else and is perfect if your existing web design company no longer exists or are not doing what you need them to do.

Premium Business Website Hosting without the price tag

Our Premium Care Package starts at less than £3 a week and website support is included! For the support, peace of mind and the facilities we provide it’s a small price to pay. For more details and to arrange the transfer of your website, please call us. The swap is very simple and we take care of it all for you.

Business Website Hosting Summary

Outstanding support, more standard features (including a telephone number that gets answered), outstanding e-mail facilities and a choice of hosting packages that are affordable from a company that has been providing website hosting for more than 17 years.

Call us or complete the enquiry form and we will take a look at your website and let you know what we can do for you. Hosting is only part of what we do; we offer a full web design, hosting and marketing service for small to medium businesses. If you would like a FREE review of your website and to find out how we will get you more business, contact us and speak to one of our marketing experts. 15 minutes could change your business forever!

Web hosting you can rely on

Reliable hosting

Avoid downtime by letting us set you up with efficient, reliable website hosting and servers with automated backups.

Trusted UK servers

Trusted shared servers

You’re located on servers alongside reputable UK businesses on UK servers! Google loves that!

Website security

World class security

Your website will be stored with the highest levels of encryption to ensure that it is safe from hackers and other risks.

24/7 website monitoring

Constant monitoring

We monitor your website 24/7, 365 days a year. So if anything ever does go wrong, we’ll know. Hopefully the problem will be fixed before you or your customers even notice.

We include a domain and email service

Domain & emails included

We’ll support you by securing the right available domain name and setting up professional email addresses and services.

Website hosting upgrades

Easy upgrades

As your business grows, you may decide to invest in more dedicated website hosting resources. We’ll take care of upgrades for you, avoiding downtime and letting you continue your success.

Hosting for UK business websitesWhat Is Business Website Hosting?

If you want people to be able to visit your website, then the files that power it need to be accessible on a computer connected to the internet. But if you did this on your home laptop, it would have to be on 24/7. And you’d need an expensive internet connection to avoid the site slowing down or failing completely.

That’s why websites are now hosted on dedicated hardware, known as servers. These servers are located in secure data centres with incredibly fast internet connections. Not only that but hosting companies also plan for safety and back-ups in the event of an emergency or outage, so your site will be accessible 24/7. That can include power cuts, natural disasters or other problems. Our servers are located in a secure data centre with built-in redundancy. So in the unlikely event there’s a problem, any disruption will be minimised.

It’s possible to get cheap, or even free consumer level web hosting. But that’s designed for personal websites and blogs. If a website you created for fun goes offline, it’s a minor inconvenience. If your business website is unreliable or slow, it will be losing you customers. And that could cost you hundreds or thousands of pounds. All of which could be avoided from as little from £3 per week.

You’ll also find cheaper, consumer level hosting is often limited to a maximum amount of data and website users. If your business suddenly becomes popular, you need hosting which can allow you to handle a sudden rush of customers.

Why is Business Website Hosting Important?

The obvious reason is that choosing an unreliable hosting company can mean your website is unavailable when customers try to visit it. But there are also other factors to take into consideration. Bad hosting can mean a slow loading website, which will have a negative impact on customers and search engine optimisation. And search engines also take into account where a website is hosted, and what other websites may be hosted on the same shared server.

So if you’re looking to rank as a trustworthy UK business, you need fast and reliable servers in the UK. And to be on either your own dedicated server, or surrounded by other established UK companies. Which is what you get with Hostsmart Business Website Hosting. And if you invest in one of our Web Design Packages, we even add in our standard website hosting as part of the deal.