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Coronavirus statement from the Smart Domain Group

It is a worrying time for us all

There is a lot of uncertainty about the economy, jobs, closures and countrywide self-isolation and it is changing almost by the minute.

Whatever happens, we will still operate as normal; that may be remotely from home but we will still be available to answer calls and provide the usual service to our customers and to new customers.

Even if we are all self-isolating you can still get help, advice and a quotation for new work. Just telephone the usual telephone number of 01634 810600. Instead of the usual 10 lines into the business it will only be one so if it is engaged try again or send an e-mail to with your telephone number and we will call you back. All the staff will be working at the office or in their homes so we still have plenty of capacity to assist.

If we are all in self isolation it might be a good time to review your website and marketing to make sure you are making the best of it moving forward and again by all means call us for help and advice.

Best regards

Tony Spinks
Smart Domain Group