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Are you looking for a cheap website?

You've definitely come to the wrong place...but keep reading!

You will get an outstanding website built by talented and experienced web designers and developers at a price you can afford.

You will have the content written for you, a preview designed for you, a website built for you (with our unique easy to use CMS), and you will own the website, not rent it! You can even spread the costs over a period to suit your budget.

Sounds too good to be true?

Why not find out and give us a call on 01634 810600, we have an expert team that can talk you through all the brilliant things we can do!

If you shop cheap, you won’t be able to take advantage of our experience and service.

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Hiring a cheap web design company might cut costs, but will you get the design you want? Remember that your website is your shop window. If your website looks cheap and cheerful, you could be scaring off potential customers.

Your website should generate and retain customers for you - we do this by building quality websites where user experience is at the forefront of the design.

If you buy cheap, you get cheap; there’s no question about that.

Think again, that paying the minimum won’t matter about the result, because it will. Expect a poor performing website built by unskilled designers and developers (are they even developers?), with a poor code structure. You will be adding content and images to your site, to keep it fresh and up-to-date, but even this becomes a struggle because your website is so overweight, with the consumption of patched up codes you won’t be able to do anything with. Will you get the after sales you require?

You want a website that is high performing, built by developers and web designers that can add content and features for you whenever you want?  Guess what, we do that for you! Or you can add content yourself with our unique easy to use content management system.

What you can expect from cheap web design:

You write the content for your own site

You will be writing the content for your own website. Cheap web design companies don’t have the resources to provide you with copywriters that will write all the content for your website. That task is down to you, do you know how to write a website with unique content and correct keyword density? And who is running your business while you do this?

At Smart Domain Group we have a team of SEO specialist copywriters who will write your entire website, add additional pages when needed, focusing on locations and keywords so that the search engines will push your website higher and higher up the rankings.

You are presented with a finished website design

When you pay a web design company you can be forgiven for thinking that they do all the hard work for you. Most of the time a cheap company will provide you with a standard template, which thousands of underperforming websites use already.

Want to stand out in the crowd of thousands of websites? Of course you do, otherwise what is the point?! How many websites do you trawl through where, but for the change of name and logo, you might as well be on the same site? Pre-set templates are used and most of the time you have to add the content and features yourself; no matter the quality of what you add, you will never stand out because of the template.

We provide you with a static preview image of how your website will look, and you will also have a preview site so you can track the progress of your brand new professional website being built, then once you are happy with everything we have done for you, you approve the website and it goes live!

Pay to build your own website

Do you have the time to build your website? Some web design companies charge you for a template and the rest is up to you. Not only will you be writing content for the site you will also be adding pictures, videos, case studies, testimonials and what the hell is an SSL certificate?! How much of your spare time are you using to build your site?

With Smart Domain Group you don’t have to worry about any of those things, just send us the pictures, videos, case studies and testimonials and our expert and copywriters, web designers, developers and SEO team will build your website.  

Having a healthy flow of internet traffic to your website is the ultimate goal but be sure to see the traffic follow the diversion signs and land elsewhere. Cheap web design companies rarely produce a website that generates business and converts visitors to customers. It is unlikely it will be SEO friendly, so you won’t even be lucky enough to have the odd new visitor stumble across your site.

We will build you a quality website with a fantastic UX (user experience) that will turn your traffic into happy new customers.

Don't pay cheap, buy smart from the web design experts here at Smart Domain Group, call us now on 01634 810600 to get your quality website.

The one man band (Where’s Wally?) web designer

One-man bands working from their bedroom are quick to take your money but not so quick to pick up the phone when there is a problem, or you want changes. What happens when the web designer goes on holiday, is your website supposed to suffer until they get back?

You want changes to your website, we do them. You have a problem, we’ll fix it. We always have a team of professionals in the office, so you will never have to worry about someone going on holiday! We are even available out of hours in case of a real emergency.

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Your website should be the basis of the brand you want to build - you need to be unique with an image that is one that leads the market where customers feel your presence. Oh by the way, we do that for you!

Do your own SEO

Stuck with a cheap website

You will need to apply SEO to your website in order for it to be recognised by the search engines and rank well. Do you understand the terms HTML, schema mark up, keywords page titles, meta descriptions or alt tags and backlinks? And who is going to pay you to learn all of this?

Well, we have a dedicated and experienced SEO team that apply all of these and more to your website. The SEO process is time consuming, so we take care of that for you, so you can concentrate on your business.

SEO takes patience, our team will analyse the performance of your website and will constantly work on improving your website’s performance. You will get an SEO report on the performance of your website, and it will be in plain English!

Cheap web designer

Sink or swim

Thanks for your money, see you later. You’ve paid and the web design company has produced the (not so) goods. The sense of responsibility doesn’t really exist with the cheap designers, so come the time you are experiencing trouble, don’t expect the help you should get. Cheap websites often have a sea of problems and when the time comes for you to sink or swim, you will probably sink. So, you spent all that time, effort and money and have nothing to show for it and no help to sort it!

You will always have support with us here at Smart Domain Group. Either by calling us or using our support system where you can contact us via e-mail and get an auto-response so you know we are aware of your request. Your request will be actioned the next working day. If we can’t resolve it the next working day we will let you know.

Why sink when you can swim along nicely knowing your website is in safe hands with us here at Smart Domain Group, we are experts at building websites so call us now on 01634 810600.

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Avoid the big marketing sharks

Cheap web design doesn’t just come in the disguise of small companies, large household names also throw their net out trying to catch you with their more expensive alternatives that you rent.

The designs they use are templated, outdated and you don’t get the opportunity to approve the design before being presented with the finished item. And they can include features that are not supported by modern website browsers. Such designs are rarely optimised for mobile devices and search engines. Your website needs to be responsive; visitors are forever using mobile phones to surf the internet and if your website just doesn’t perform on their device, they will be gone before you know it.

Some of the big web design companies might not come cheap; prices do vary, but no matter the cost you will not own your website. You will be tied in to a contract paying monthly for a product that is nowhere near the quality a contract warrants. With Smart Domain Group, you will be pleased to know there is no contract (Terms of ref and SLA) and you can leave whenever you want (once your website has been fully paid for any other accounts are settled).  Some of the big companies will essentially lock you up and throw away the key.

We understand the importance of being there for our customers, some of the big boys don’t. Any problems with your site may be heard, but good luck getting passed the wall of call centre agents reading from a script. Getting through to a designer or a developer is rare, most of the time your correspondence is via email, and when the company do surprise you with a telephone call, it will be something to do with squeezing more money out of you as it’s not included in your contract.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a web design company that builds your site and then is on hand for support? Well they do exist, because we are one of them!

Most people will go to the search engines and type in ‘cheap web design’.  The search engine as commanded to do so, will present you with a host of cheap companies wanting to throw together a site on a template and take your money.

Cheap web design company

So, companies like us here at Smart Domain Group are not easy to find because we don’t produce cheap work, but we do save you money in the long run. Cheap websites in the end will prove to be the expensive option and will it cost you.

You will have a secure website, hosted on a UK based web server platform when you choose Smart Domain Group to design and build your website. We have extensive experience in building e-commerce sites that need secure payment services, you and your customers are in safe hands.

So, for the very best web design call us here at Smart Domain Group on 01634 810600 and as a bonus if you live in Kent we will come and see you!

Will your cheap company do that!
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