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Web Design Companies - What Should You Expect?

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You've done your research, searched through the multitude of web design companies online and found one that you like. But what exactly are you getting for your money and are you getting exactly what you need? With web design companies - what should you expect?  

Many web design companies out there promise the earth but don't deliver on their promises. However, there are some web design companies that provide a comprehensive range of services that target getting your website as high up on Google as possible.

In fact, it's incredibly important that you don't just get a beautifully designed and well built website. A professional web design company will provide all of the following:

A well designed and fully functional website that attracts customers

It's no good having a beautiful looking website that doesn't allow for easy navigation. You need a website that's designed with your customers in mind and built so that it enables clients to quickly and easily navigate through the site. You also want it to encourage customers to buy from you and generate those all important sales enquiries.

Engaging content, written by experienced copywriters

Most web design companies give you the website but expect you to write it yourself. While you know your industry better than anyone, you might not necessarily know how to write the text content in a way that encourages sales enquiries. Experienced copywriters know how to get the very best out of content and generate copy that engages with customers and generates sales enquiries.

A fully responsive website

A responsive website will ensure that it is easily viewable on all forms; mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop. Given that most people spend the majority of their time on their phones and tablets, it's imperative that your website works perfectly on all these platforms. Make sure your web design company does exactly that, otherwise your website will never work as well as you want or need it to.

Exceptional search engine optimisation

An experienced and professional web design company will come up with ways to achieve the very best search engine listings. They will utilise those ideas and get your website well positioned for your local area and the services you provide. While it's great to have a beautiful website, it's nothing without expert search engine optimisation. So when choosing a web design company, make sure you pick one that carries out reliable and Google approved SEO.

Comprehensive support

Once the site is live, you need to know that your web design company are there to help. You need designers that will be able to devote time to maintaining and updating the website, as and when you require. By having the opportunity to have a close working relationship with your designers, you are then able to keep the website and its content fresh and maintain and improve your company brand.

Reliable hosting

The last thing you need is your website to be down for hours, or even days, thanks to unreliable servers. A professional web design company will not only design and write your website, but also host your site on a reliable and safe server. Technical support and email hosting should also be supplied; so make sure your company of choice does this as standard.

A hugely experienced web design team

In web design, one of the most important aspects is experience. An experienced team of designers, developers, copywriters and search engine optimisation specialists will know exactly what's needed to ensure your website is a success. They'll also know your industry, who your competitors are and how to make your company stand out. While young web design companies might make flashy promises, they won't have the knowledge more experienced ones do.

Promotion of the website both off and online

Continual promotion of the site also plays a huge part. An expert web design company will assist you with company branding in other ways too. Logos, brand development, advert creation, brochures and leaflets make a huge difference to the promotion of any business. Make sure your web design company offers these services and have examples of helping small businesses promote themselves in the right way.

There's one web design company based in Kent that does all these as standard - the Smart Domain Group. If you want a professional website design, expertly written content, comprehensive SEO and after-sales support, look no further. Contact our friendly team today on 01634 810600.