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Why is Good Web Design Important?

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Good web design is what will keep your customers interested and willing to navigate your site. Having bad web design that is unappealing or hard to use is a quick way to lose most of your potential customers.

Usability is a key term used when looking at web design. It determines the customer’s interaction with your site which is made up of a sum of characteristics. The quickest way to determine if a site has good web design is to see if you can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily.

If a visitor to your site cannot find what they are looking for quickly, they are a lot more likely to leave the site. Utilising a range of key web design principles will ensure that users are able to use your site and find exactly what they are looking for.

The design of a website is very important. Lost opportunities are caused from having a difficult to use or bad looking website which in other terms is a loss of income for you.

Potential customers are looking to find a specific service or piece of information on your website and having good web design is a way to aid in getting them to sticking around. This also helps them navigate to where they need to go on your site. This can be furthered in them even making an enquiry.

Your web design is almost always able to be improved upon. Looking at the following aspects, you may spot something that will help improve your own site.


A good looking site is completely different to a website with good web design. No one can argue that having an eye catching website is beneficial, but there are many more in-depth aspects that need to be taken into account.

It is very important to make sure that your website is easy to use. Utilising colours, images, white space and typography will enable you to control how the potential customer views your site. These should lead the viewers eye from the most important part of the site to the second and so on.

Images and colours are a great way to include call to actions. These combined with a professional and modern overall look, will enable you to build trust with your customers.


Everything has a logical place. Utilising all the space on your site will help potential customers find what they are looking for. This is from the main navigation bar to where the text is located and where images or infographics are placed.

The main site navigation bar should be in a logical and consistent place on every page. Doing so will ensure that any potential customers are able to navigate across your site easily. Headings and subheadings are another part that need to be placed in the right location on the site.

A customer will make a decision on the organisation based on its website within the first second of them being on the site. You have that long to make a good impression. Utilising good web design is what will keep them on the site.


Images and videos transmit the message of the website quickly. Some viewers will not read through all the text, but will instead watch a video. This is the same as pictures. When someone accesses the site, pictures are a great to grab people’s attention.

Not only do they grab potential customer’s attention, they are a great way of displaying the main purpose of the site. Obviously, you have to avoid overdoing it. Either design your graphics yourself (or use an external company) or take pictures and shoot videos to add visuals to your site.

The website design is what makes visitors decide If they want to stay on the site or not. Utilising good web design will aid in increasing traffic and will decrease the bounce rate. There are still many other reasons to have good web design as mentioned in this article.