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A New Look for Mobile Product Card Unit Ads

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Changing the way online shopping works in their search engine; Google are making changes to the mobile product card unit ads.

Currently, this change has only been applied to specific products. When performing a search for a product on Google the results will show a list of stores that have that product in stock. In addition, it will also compare the prices of the stores. This is being changed to improve the user experience and make it much easier to browse through the stores. With this being their aim, Google are changing it so that the product card units are now a swipeable carousel.

Like in our article ‘Mobile AdWords Extensions Get an Upgrade’, Google are trying to make their search engine as mobile friendly as possible. Alongside them ranking websites on their mobile friendliness; they are working on their own search engine to follow these guidelines. As a result, their AdWords have been updated many times to improve engagement. Now Google have turned their aim to the shopping part of their search engine.

A revamped way of shopping

As it stands, there are only a few specific searches which bring up the new display. We can guess that this is because they are in the testing stages before pushing the update. This will be to see how it works and what the reaction is. Consequently, this means that there are no major statistics detailing whether this has made a large impact on the mobile user experience when shopping. However, as it is the same kind of change they made to their sitelinks on their AdWords; it should greatly help users find what they are looking for and make the experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.

If you perform a search on a mobile phone for a specific product, you might run into either of the two forms of product cards. Either the stores will be in the form of a list or they will be in an interactive row. The swipeable carousel enables you to easily browse through stores that stock the product your after. This also ensures you can quickly find the best offer and make a purchase; saving you time.

This revamped way of shopping will save people a lot of time and will make the experience, plus process of shopping through Google much more enjoyable.


Alongside the update to the view itself, Google have also added in a filter feature. This enables users to quickly and easily filter out anything that they aren’t looking for. The possible filters are dependent on the product you are searching for. If there are different colour variations, a colour filter will be applicable. There are a variety of possible filters, all that will aid users to quickly find what they are looking for.

One of the largest benefits of this feature is that it will make the shopping experience much more enjoyable. Going through the carousel to each store even though they might not have the colour you are looking for is very time consuming and can be rather frustrating. The filters will remove this frustration and make the shopping process much simpler.

These changes, like what Google are doing to their sitelinks will be brought out over time with more searches triggering these new product cards.