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New Tools Improve Instagram Small Business Marketing

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It’s never been more important to use great photos to promote your small business.That trend is definitely set to continue. So find out how new tools improve Instagram small business marketing. And how you can apply them to your business.

By focusing on mobile phone photography, Instagram has been the social network of choice for those wanting to share and connect around pictures. Many businesses has already started using the service even prior to a $1 billion acquisition by Facebook in 2012, and that number has only increased. But proving the value of a large Instagram following can be time-consuming, and often requires creating specific links to allow you to track whether anyone visits your website as a result.

In the last few months, there have been a number of changes to Instagram. The biggest and most noticeable was the recent launch of a new logo. There’s been divided opinion about the new look, but whether or not you’re a fan, it’s got people discussing Instagram again.

Another subject for debate has been a new algorithmic feed for Instagram. This means that rather than seeing the latest photos in purely chronological order, the social network will try and show the pictures which it believes are most relevant and important for you. Essentially it will work in the same way as the Facebook newsfeed. That’s not surprising, given that both Instagram and parent company Facebook share an advertising platform, and you can use the Facebook ad tool to purchase across both.

But two big new changes will really boost Instagram for business.

Instagram Brand Profiles and Analytics:

The first test being run at the moment is for new Instagram Brand Profiles. Although these largely look the same as a normal profile, they come with the addition of a Contact button which allows customers email directly or get directions to your business without leaving Instagram.

That’s an important change as it means you’ll no longer have to persuade Instagram users to come out of the mobile app to visit your website or business, which should mean much higher conversion rates to contacting or visiting you. And it also means that the interactions will be more trackable due to the other new addition.

Instagram Analytics are also on the way. It’s not surprising that they are likely to resemble those used by Facebook, including information on the time your followers are most active, location, age and gender. That will tie into the advertising and analytics options across both social networks, allowing you better insights into what works, whether you’re hoping to reach people organically or paying to boost and promote your content.

The Time to Start on Instagram is Now:

If you’ve already started promoting your business via regularly Instagram content, you’ll get access to the new brand profiles and analytics options in the near future. But if you haven’t started, it’s worth ensuring your name is registered and started to experiment with the service now, as competition for names and the attention of prospective customers will only increase as it becomes a more valuable way for businesses to reach people.

Many small business owners find it quicker and more enjoyable to take quick pictures of their work rather than crafting lengthy blog posts and updates. And if you’re not sure about how to begin, we recently shared our Top 10 Instagram Tips For Small Businesses to help you get going.