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Combining Social Networking with Web Design

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In this modern society, social networking sites have become the norm. More people than not are on either Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social networks. And for the general public it is a great way of communicating with friends, family and businesses.

Likewise, Twitter and Facebook offer you opportunities to promote offers and discounts to your targeted audience and those who have 'liked' your page or chosen to follow you on Twitter.  

In the web design industry, links to these pages are becoming more and more common as businesses think more seriously about how best to communicate with customers, old and new.

As part of our web design packages, we can add links from your website to your Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook pages, with clear and attractive icons available for each of these.

Of course, whether we do this is entirely up to you. Some customers like having these links added, others don't.

While having links to your Facebook and Twitter pages can be incredibly helpful, this is only the case if you regularly update these pages. You will need someone to look at and update these pages every week or so to make sure that your customers and potential new ones are aware of promotions, offers and new products or services.

Having the ability to have comments and testimonials from customers on there can also be a blessing and a curse. With people free to write whatever they want when they first post something, there is a danger that difficult customers will deliberately write disparaging and spiteful comments on your wall to put off others.

This makes it absolutely vital that regular checks and inspections are carried out on your Facebook and Twitter pages as although comments can be deleted by you, the damage may already have been done if you have not visited your page in weeks.

Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook can be great ways of opening the lines of communication between you and your customers, if done correctly. Speak to one of our helpful and friendly team if you require any more information.