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Members-only ad-free Youtube Red launches

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Youtube is launching a new membership service which allows viewers to watch without adverts for a monthly subscription cost. From next year it will also include original members-only content. As Youtube Red launches, it may change online video viewing for a large number of people.

Youtube Red will work across your computer, phone and tablet, and will work in conjunction with the recent Youtube Gaming app and new Youtube Music App. It will be available to Youtube viewers in the U.S with a one-month free trial from October 28th, 2015.

Digital Media is Changing:

The launch of Youtube Red might not seem to be directly applicable to business marketing, unless you're a successful Youtube broadcaster already.

But it's another example of how digital media is being forced to change and consider new ways of generating revenue. The constant increase in inventory and resulting decline in advertising rates is compounded by the growing use of Ad Blocking software on desktop and mobile.

All of that means more newspapers, magazines and websites will be investigating paywalls, subscription services and other ways to make money.

It's worth noting, as it may mean that coverage in local, national and specialist press will reach less people as paywalls and subscriptions are introduced. So you might consider different outlets for promoting your business - including possibly increasing the importance of search and social media for your customers to find you and connect directly.