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What is Google Stamp and how will it affect businesses?

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If you've used Snapchat before, you'll have likely seen their 'Discover' feature. If you've never used it, this feature allows users to quickly swipe between interesting pieces of content. Tailored to them, this includes images, text and videos. Google is now planning to launch a similar feature, called 'Google Stamp'.

What exactly is Google Stamp and how successful will it be?

Back in August, the Wall Street Journal discovered information that Google was preparing to rival Snapchat's popular feature, Discover. Once launched, 'Google Stamp' will be integrated with the search engine's other key services and given a prominent position under the search bar too.

The name Stamp unites the abbreviation 'St' from the word 'stories' and the acronym 'AMP', relating to the Accelerated Mobile Pages scheme. In a nutshell, this succinctly sums up what Stamp will be. A publishing platform that will allow brands and marketers to tell stories in a new fashion that's optimised for mobile. No launch date has been given yet, but it may well be soon on the horizon.

Google Stamp will allow users to swipe between different pieces of content that are tailored to them. This will include a healthy mix of images, videos and text. As users visit Google's search engine to make a search with a particular product or topic in mind, there is serious potential for marketers here. Especially so if this feature's placed just below Google's search bar in its interface.

If it works, Google Stamp could be a significant growth opportunity for small businesses. If you're able to suggest relevant products to consumers before they even know what they want, it could open up a network of revenue streams.

Who will be permitted to publish Stamp articles and content?

Many large content publishers, like Time Inc. and CNN, are already considering using Google Stamp. However, 'smaller' content creators could soon be given access to it too. Especially given that Stamp allows for a much more customer-focused form of advertising than we've ever seen before from Google.

It's very early days, but it's very promising nonetheless. If opened up to small businesses and their marketing companies, it could be a very useful and effective marketing tool. Combined with Google's recent AdSense initiative, Stamp could see articles and content appearing in much more relevant context. This would also mean an improved user experience too.

What will Google Stamp mean for businesses and advertisers?

Essentially, advertising via Google Stamp will mean understanding a new form of storytelling and using it to engage with customers. Content posted using Google Stamp will need to be engaging, interesting and relevant. Businesses, and advertisers, can utilise this to market their products and services in a new and fun way. After all, the ability to think creatively and forge relationships with new consumers continues to grow in importance.

Combining this ability with the targeting data and technologies at Google's disposal can only mean good things. Especially for those of you equipped to take advantage. Much is still not known about Google Stamp; however, we do know it will be very similar to Snapchat Discover. This means that we are already equipped with enough knowledge to plan for it, if and when it is opened up to small businesses.

We do still have some questions, though. For instance, how frequently will search results feature Google Stamp? What type of queries will trigger Stamp's results? How will Google rank Stamp posts? And finally, what options will be open to businesses and advertisers?

Google Stamp will be well worth monitoring

Like we say, it's very early days but the signs are promising. Over the coming weeks and months, we're sure to hear more about Google Stamp. But make sure you keep yourself in the loop by checking our articles here. We'll be keeping a close eye on Stamp developments and will be posting updates as and when we get them.

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