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Why You Should Tell The Story of Your Business

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Starting your own business is tough. We've been there, and know the effort it takes to become established. It's one of the reasons why we like to work with small and medium-sized businesses - the respect we have for anyone striking out on their own. And it's why you should tell the story of your business.

Some people are lucky enough to come up with a new idea which doesn't have a lot of competition. But most businesses face a lot of competition from the moment they start trading. So how can you help your firm to stand out?

Why You Should Tell The Story of Your Business?

The story behind every business and owner is slightly different. No matter what industry you are in, it's almost guaranteed there's a story or two behind your decisions, and that can make your company stand out.

Some of the stories are obvious ones. If you've started a business to pursue your passion for cooking or carpentry, there's a nice story to tell. When did you first realise that you loved working with food or wood, and how did that develop to starting your own company?

But there may be other reasons. Perhaps you saw a gap in the market and launched a business purely to make money?

In which case, don't focus on what your company produces. Focus on that fact that you love running a business itself, regardless of the product.

Maybe you don't enjoy your trade, but you love interacting with your customers?

Or you worked for a large company and decided to strike out on your own to have more control over your future?

Did you want to get a better work/life balance to spend more time with your family, or so that you could spend more time pursuing your hobbies or interests in addition to your business?

Not only can sharing your story build a better relationship with your customers, but it can also lead to press coverage. National and local media often want to share examples of small business owners for articles about any of the reasons listed above.

Need inspiration?

A National Example of a Business Story:

Hiut Denim make selvedge jeans which cost from £100-£200 for a pair, with competitors offering similar products around the world. Premium denim is a growing industry, already worth more than $1.4 billion globally.

So how does Hiut stand out?

The company was started to bring revive denim production in the UK. Cardigan in Wales produced 35,000 pairs of jeans for 30 years with 1 in 10 of the town population working in the industry. Then it all stopped.

So Hiut was formed to bring denim production back to the area and re-employ the vastly experienced jean makers. That's the story and focus they share, and which has led to press coverage around the world, and continued sales growth.

A local example in Kent

The 10:50 From Victoria is a relatively new micropub located in Strood, Kent. It serves a range of real ale and cider in a space located under the arch of a railway bridge.

At a time when the pub industry has suffered from lower sales and closures, it seems pretty brave to open up a small venue with no music, food, TV, or even lager.

It's not even open all day - just afternoons and evenings. And yet since opening the clientele has grown and grown, to a pub started and operated by three pensioners - a former joiner, a former plasterer and a former chef. Suddenly it sounds more interesting than the local chain pub on the High Street. And it's another example why you should tell the story of your business.

Just like Hiut, they shared the reasons for starting their business and what makes it different. And it's working for them.

Need help writing and sharing your story?

You don't need to be an author to share your business story. All you need to have in mind are the key details and how they tie into your company. We can craft it into content which can be shared on your website and social media, and help your business attract new customers. So that's why you should tell the story of your business, how it is working for others, and how we can help to make it easier.