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New Google Adverts for Local Businesses With Location Extensions

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Google is rolling out new display adverts for local businesses. The new format is available via Google Adwords and is used by the Display Network which generally appears on websites, blogs and other general locations, rather than in search results. The new Google adverts for local businesses have already been shown to increase the response rates in testing, so it's worth checking them out.

The benefit for local businesses is that additional information is included. So your advert may automatically show photos, your location, and business hours, as well as the usual advert headline and text. And the ads will be shown to people nearby. For example, Google suggest that an advert for a local bakery may show to someone reading a cooking blog if they're in the area.

The new Google adverts for local businesses mean that your location is likely to attract more customers. Rather than needing to search for you via Google Search or Maps, anyone reading relevant websites in the area can see where you are based and if you're open.

The format is an option in the Adwords ad gallery, under general purpose ads. It's named 'Location Extension Format'. This allows you to upload a maximum of three images, a logo, and your headline and description. You'll need to select 'extend my ads with location information'. And to only reach people physically nearby, select 'People in my target location' under 'Location Options (advanced).

Google may choose to do this automatically on your behalf. Or you can explicitly opt out by selecting Extensions and Campaigns and choose to Disable Location Extensions.

New Google Adverts for Local Businesses Show Benefits:

As always with Google, the new formats were tested before being rolled out. The Location Extensions were compared to normal Display campaigns for a random selection of global adverts. And Google saw an increase in clicks. Around 60% of the clicks on the extension related to directions or store information.

It means that local companies can now benefit from anyone reading articles or blog posts which are related to what they offer. And potential customers may realise they need ingredients, supplies or a quote for a service. Now they can immediately see that you have what they are looking for, and how far away you're located.

Of course, all of this relies on you having a suitable website, which is responsive for mobile visitors. And having the correct information about your business available online. As small and local business specialists, we can help you with all of that. And you can choose specific areas where we can support you, or invest in a complete marketing package.