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What Should You Be Doing To Market Your Business During Covid-19?

During this time of uncertainty, it can be hard to know what is best to do, especially when it comes to marketing your business.

It's important to consider the impact reducing or completely stopping your marketing will have on your business once the global pandemic has been resolved while at the same time, balancing whether you can afford to continue paying for it.

With small business owners across the UK considering cutting costs due to the potential loss of earnings thanks to Covid-19, it begs the question; should you consider stopping marketing your business, or if you continue to do so, how should you do it?

In this article, we'll look at the various ways you can continue marketing your business during these trying times and whether or not you should stop completely.

What should you do about paid search?

During this Covid-19 pandemic, search demand is, unsurprisingly, down. So if your company's service or product is not deemed an essential need, it might be worth pulling back on your paid spend. 

However, the interesting caveat to that is that PPC ad bids are quite often lower than they have ever been. This is likely due to advertisers cutting budgets and making fewer bids. So if your company is selling products or services that still have demand at this time, it would be a good idea to maximise your ad spend to take advantage of the reduced prices. 

It's a tough call, but one that definitely needs to be considered. If you don't feel that your product is going to be in demand over the next couple of months, it might be well worth you reducing or stopping your PPC spend in the short term.

Is it worth continuing to focus on social media?

Social media can still play an important part in marketing your business even at this current time of uncertainty.

With more people either working from home or just at home in general, more eyes than ever are capable to seeing your tweets and posts on social media.

So make sure that you continue to tweet or post relevant information about your company and your services/products over the coming weeks; not only to remind people you're still there but also to promote yourself for either immediate business or some in the future once the pandemic dies down. 

Should you keep sending marketing emails?

With a reduced level of search demand, leading you to potentially decrease PPC payments, now might not be a better time to market your business via email instead. 

For some industries, it can be something as simple as just reminding customers that you're still there. For others, it can be a very effective tool to promote services and products that customers can still get online even if they can't physically visit currently. 

However, while it's worth reminding your customers of the services and products you have available, now is not the time to promote or sell special 'Covid-19 deals'. Use your emails to remind your customers that you are here to help in any way you can while we're all adjusting to the situation we all find ourselves in. 

What to do with organic search engine optimisation?

As we mentioned when discussing paid search, general search demand has dropped over the last few weeks; which is hardly surprising given the circumstances we find ourselves in across the globe. 

However, unlike paid search, we would still recommend continuing to pay for some organic SEO and ongoing marketing; even if you reduce it a little to cut costs where possible.

If you choose to stop spending money on your content marketing and organic SEO efforts, you are significantly risking your organic rankings dropping. Once search demand returns when the pandemic has been resolved, you will therefore drive less organic traffic than you did before the pandemic began. 

On the other hand, if you continue to market your small business through organic SEO and content marketing during the pandemic, you will be in a much better position when it's all over. Not only will you have most likely maintained your positions on the search engines, you're actually more likely to have improved your positions.

Quite simply, some other businesses that are less prepared than you may well go out of business during these trying times, meaning less competition for you on the search engines. 

Right now, in these difficult times, it's absolutely vital to maintain, if not grow, your organic SEO campaign.

Above all else, be kind and market your business efficiently

In this time of financial and social uncertainty, businesses of any size need to prioritise the safety of both staff and customers. The most important thing is to be considerate and aware of the situation. 

It's fair to say that the businesses that do this the best will rebound the most quickly once the pandemic retreats and be in the best possible position to generate business. Until then, be sensible with your digital marketing efforts and make sure that you're marketing your business in the most suitable and productive way possible.

If you're not sure what marketing you should be doing during the Covid-19 pandemic, contact the friendly and experienced experts at Smart Domain Group. We will offer you honest and impartial advice on the best way forward for your small business over the coming months, based on two decades of SEO and marketing expertise.