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Investments into data banks in Kent: are they needed?

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A data bank in Kent which holds digital information for more than 300 clients has been able to double its capacity after a £4 million investment.

Custodian Data Centres increased their capacity with an additional 10,000 computers servers, with their numbers boosting to 16,000, with the extra servers being housed in Maidstone TV Studios.

Why are local data banks important?

The business was founded by Rowland Kinch, Geoff Miles and Robert Williams in 2009. Its biggest draw is the fact that, for Kent-based companies, it’s in the best location.

“Kent is an ideal location for communications equipment and IT services to be hosted,” Mr Williams said.

The benefits of hosting your company data locally outweigh those in London. Mr. Williams explains: “[Hosting with Custodian means] it is without any of the travel, traffic or power constraints associated with inner-London.

“As well as allowing easy, secure and quick access to the equipment when required, it gives businesses the opportunity to mean ‘on-site’ with their clients and tour their facility.”

What does this mean for my business?

Having something this vital in the local area means you can access your data faster. It also means that Custodian Data Centres doesn’t have to deal with the power demands of large city centres.

Is this a benefit for your company? If you do a lot of business online, or even in your office using computers then it definitely is. Using remote servers means that you don’t have to store everything on your own system, which might cause it to lag.

As Williams says: “By having the local touch and a professional yet out-of-London location, a Kent business can truly compete at any level without having to locate their services hours away by car or train.”

Why would this matter to you?

Looking to expand your company? Want to store large amounts of data? Then someone like Custodian Data Centres is what you’ll need. Struggling to keep everything you have on your own servers will slow down your network. This makes life a lot more difficult for you and your employees. Instead, house your data elsewhere; it's a very sensible plan.

This means that more clients and companies can use Custodian Data Centres to enhance their online presence They can store their digital infrastructure in a secure way with multiple servers. With this investment the importance of businesses boosting what they put out online is clear; rather than storing your data with a company in London, you can stay locally.