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The incredible growth of Facebook - should your business be there?

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Since launching in 2004, Facebook has grown to dominate the internet. In October 2012 it announced it had one billion users visiting the site at least once a month. Now on August 27th, 2015, it had one billion people use Facebook in a single day.

Meanwhile Facebook now accounts for 1/5 of all data used on mobile phones. And it's not just the main Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps - the company also owns Instagram and mobile messaging service WhatsApp.

When roughly one in seven people on Earth have logged into Facebook in the space of 24 hours, it becomes almost impossible to ignore.

Should Your Business Be On Facebook?

The simple answer is that almost every business should be on Facebook in some capacity. Without an official Page for your business, you reduce the odds Facebook users will be able to search and find your company - and more importantly, you make it harder for them to share and recommend your products or services to their network of friends and family.

Obviously the approach and tone will vary according to your business - a local pub will vary from a cleaning business. It's about what is right for your company - and your customers.

What type of Facebook presence and level of activity your business should have?

The typical needs of a social media user are different to people using search engines. In general, when your customers use Google or Bing to look for something, they're in the process of researching and buying a product or service.

When your customers use social media, they're more likely to be connecting with friends, relaxing or looking to be entertained.

That makes it great for news and entertainment sites, games, and all of the apps that rate who your best Facebook friend might be.

That's why some businesses find that it makes good sense for them to have a nicely designed and completed Facebook Page to be able to share occasional news or offers. But the majority of their time for social media is better allocated to other networks which are more relevant. They can be found via search on Facebook, and respond to comments and direct messages, but it's not their best sales tool.

The most successful brands on Facebook allow their content and marketing to inform and entertain. In addition to sales and competitions, they let the character and personality of their company to shine, and use a variety of text, image and video updates. And they post a variety of content - some will be sales led, but it's balanced by the content which allows customers to identify with them.

For example, here are the top reasons Facebook users gave for 'Liking' a business page.

  • To receive discounts and promotions
  • To show my support for the company to others
  • To get a "freebie"
  • To stay informed about the activities of a company
  • To get updates on future products
  • To get updates on upcoming sales

And if you'd like the benefits of a growing Facebook following but don't have the time or find it overwhelming, we can help you every step of the way. Just Contact Us for advice, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and G+ as we post more advice and tips on Web Design, SEO and Social Media.