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Search Engine Optimisation vs. Pay Per Click

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Deciding between utilising organic search engine optimisation and pay per click services has been a major problem for small and medium businesses for years. How do you pick when your budget means it's Search Engine Optimisation vs. Pay Per Click?

To many, Pay Per Click looks like an immediately beneficial route. But, this is only for the short term unless you want to shell out vast sums of money every year. Organic search engine optimisation works and has been proven to work better than any Pay Per Click campaign you are promised.  

Recent surveys have shown that 94% of searchers click through on organic search results, with 60% of these clicks on the first three results.

While Pay Per Click might get you to the very top of the page, a few clicks by customers will see you disappear completely, unless you pay the extortionate fees to keep yourself there month after month.  Organic search engine optimisation, on the other hand, will consistently keep you as close to the top as possible, especially with regular updates, blog entries, news articles and page additions.

In fact, a recent forecast carried out by has suggested that companies around the world will spend up $24 billion dollars on paid search campaigns between 2011 and 2016. This will access these companies around 6% of the available click throughs, compared to the much cheaper organic search campaigns, which will access around 94% of the available click throughs.

Your web design company might promise great results with their Pay Per Click campaigns but you need to think about whether you want to spend vast sums of money when your competitors might be earning far more by going down the organic route.