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How important are Secondary Keyword Phrases?

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In web design and especially search engine optimisation, choosing the right keyword phrases is vital. For years, people have believed that phrases such as 'wholesale costume jewellery' should be written in that exact order so that your website receives a high level of hits and sales enquiries for that product.

Many web design companies, including ourselves, make sure that these primary keyword phrases are featured predominantly, but not repetitively, throughout your new website so that you receive the sales enquiries you require.

However, recent research has revealed that the order of these keyword phrases is becoming less and less important. Every person is different so we should expect them to type in what they want differently.

Whereas some people would search for 'wholesale costume jewellery', others may well type in 'costume jewellery wholesale' or 'wholesale jewellery for costumes'.

Figures now show that these 'secondary keyword phrases' are becoming more and more productive. Although they do not give the same level of results that primary keyword phrases do, they are relatively successful and can be a great tool in your quest for more sales enquiries.

Although not perhaps as important as primary keyword phrases at this moment in time, it will certainly be worth keeping an eye on secondary keyword phrase results in the near future.