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How Google and SEO has changed the internet

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Let's face it; we all know that being as high up on Google listings as possible is one of the most important things for any website.

Over the years it has become paramount that your business' website sits at the very top of Google and other search engine listings. Being top means more exposure and the greater potential for more income.

When the internet was first introduced, it was a novelty to have a website. People didn't care about being positioned on a search engine; they were just happy to have a website online. The introduction of Google and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) changed all that.  

All websites are now competing with each other to be at the top of Google search listings for their relevant key words. Effective SEO is a very good way of achieving this and has a huge impact on the success or failure of a website.

SEO doesn't just affect websites either. The way we search for and find music has changed dramatically thanks to Google and SEO. For instance, songs that were released 12 months ago can still be at the top of unintentional or vague search listings, thanks to search engine algorithms.

It is now not necessarily about how good the music is; it is just as important that the track and relevant marketing material is search engine optimised.