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How to Let Your Customers Help Your Marketing

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Why not make your life a little easier and let your customers help your marketing? We all know how much time and effort it takes to run a growing company. And you still need to be able to promote yourself and attract new business to keep the momentum going.

The most successful business owners and managers know when to delegate and outsource. You may already be using a variety of suppliers and software for your accounts, HR, web design or marketing. But have you considered letting your customers help your marketing - whether you're running it yourself or working with an agency?

How to Let Your Customers Help Your Marketing:

We all want to do great work or make amazing products which result in happy clients and customers. And that's usually what happens.

So why not share that happiness? By making sure you collect testimonials and quotes as part of your process, you can find yourself with an overwhelming amount of good references. And those will help to convince new clients and customers that you deliver on your claims.

And back up those testimonials with more evidence if you can. Photos and videos will add weight to the nice words your customers may offer.

Make It Easy for Customers to Leave Reviews:

Online reviews and scores can make a huge difference to the interest in your business. That includes your Google Business listing, Facebook page, and other suitable listing and reviews websites.

While you shouldn't be attempting to bride customers into false reviews, you should definitely make it easier for them to leave an honest appraisal. For example, if you have a physical location, encourage visitors to log into visitor or guest wifi and Check In via Facebook and Swarm. You can always incentivise this with a small free extra.

And then when customers have experienced your product or service, give them a chance to leave a review either in-store, or at home. By simply collecting their email address when they purchase, you can send out a nicely formatted email to follow-up and remind them to leave reviews for you on any appropriate site or social network.

Let Customers Share Your Business Easily:

More and more customers will want to recommend your business online. Make it easy by optimising your website and social network profiles for quick and easy sharing.

That includes work which also benefits your search engine optimisation, including making sure you have the correct page titles and meta descriptions. And that also applies to images, particularly if you're hoping to have them shared on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

And it also extends to your social network profiles, which need to look great and reflect your business. They also need to be quick and easy to find, with logical names and custom urls.

Don't forget to apply the same logic with print promotions as well. Flyers, pamphlets and even stickers can help happy customers quickly and easily spread the word to their friends and family.

The more you do to make it easy to share your business, the better it will be for referrals. And sometimes those efforts can lead to impressively large new clients.

And if you're not sure how to let your customers your marketing, then why not send us an email or give us a call for some advice? We've created websites, social media profiles and promotional material to do that job for a range of clients, and we'd love to be helping you to achieve the same success.