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Combining Web Design, Marketing and Hosting Benefits Your Business

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It's possible that you have arranged the web design and marketing for your company through different providers. Or you may have invested in your own website hosting. Having different suppliers can work, but in most cases, you'll find that combining web design, marketing and hosting benefits your business.

One major advantage is that it's often cheaper. For example, we include a domain name and 12 months of hosting as part of our WebSmart design and development packages.  And the reason we can offer this type of deal is that we're working with domain name registrars and internet hosting that we are familiar with, saving potential time and resource dealing with new providers and the issues they can sometimes bring with them. So it's more cost effective for us, and you get services that we know work brilliantly for hundreds of clients.

It also means you have one point of contact for issues. If you have a question or a problem that needs resolving, deadling with one company will always be easier than trying to co-ordinate three different providers to resolve things between them.

But combining web design, marketing and hosting will also make your website more effective. Search engines reward websites which load quickly, work well and are hosted on reliable and trustworthy servers. That relationship has become more important over recent years, and will only get more emphasis in the future, particularly with mobile requiring faster loading websites than ever before.

So working with a company that has in-house expertise in design, hosting and search engine optimisation means that you can benefit from the shared knowledge and experience of how each element can work together.

Benefit From Experts Working as a Team

Everyone wants a website that looks amazing. But if your web design takes ages to load, most customers will leave before they even get to see it. So great design features should use the minimal amount of data. And you'll need to know if a particular page or element is causing an issue so you can decide whether to keep it or not.

Customers also expect the companies they use to be reliable. And having your website offline or slow to load will change their perception of you incredibly quickly. Which is why we not only use one of the UK's best and most reliable hosting providers, but we also monitor your website constantly to check if it's working, and if there are any speed issues.

And search engines are more demanding that ever when they decide which websites should appear high in their results pages. If your design means all relevant words are hidden at the bottom of your page, or your hosting means your website loads slowly, you'll find it harder to get the rankings that will deliver new customers. That's why our SEO experts work closely with our designers to ensure that you get the latest modern and responsive design. And which also matches the recommendations of the biggest search engines. So you save time and money by avoiding conflicts between separate designers and SEO specialists who can end up endlessly requesting, debating and igoring changes. It's far better to benefit from SEO and web design professionals who are working together to deliver you the best end result rather than potentially competing against each other.

So you get the benefits of a web design package which includes everything you need in one clear cost, various extras bundled in for no charge, and a team of specialists who are working together to deliver what you need. It's not often you can save money and get a better service, but combining web design, marketing and hosting really does benefit your business.