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Use Clear and Attractive Photos to Promote your Services

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There is nothing worse for a customer to visit a beautiful and attractive website, read the engaging and informative text and then visit the gallery to look at the quality of your work and find discoloured, blurred or untidy pictures.

You should look at your website as a shop window. You want to attract customers to your business and photos of your recent work are a great way of doing this. However, poorly taken and badly blurred images are just as likely to put customers off.

Make sure that if you are having a gallery page on your website, or just some pictures scattered throughout the website, the quality of your pictures reflects the quality of your work.

Customers want to see true pictures of your work; they don't want to see hundreds of stock images that have been downloaded from the internet. Honest representations of the quality of your work are far more likely to impress potential customers than pictures that can be found on hundreds of other websites.

Of course, if you do not have any pictures of your work it is not a problem. But we would always advise you to take photographs of your work so that customers can see just how professional and efficient you are.