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The Benefits of Email Marketing

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Email marketing is another great way of promoting your services or products to customers and introducing new offers and promotions to them. While you may think that all advertising emails are immediately put into the trash can, some can be very effective. Used in the right way, the benefits of email marketing can dramatically increase your website's sales enquiries.  

While there are many benefits to sending marketing emails to your customers, the main advantage is a simple one; lines of communication are kept open. By sending emails to your customers, it is a simple reminder that you are still around and having been impressed by your service last time, they may be tempted to visit your site again to see what offers you may be promoting.

Email marketing, including newsletters, can also provide your customers with vital industry and service information. Whether it is just informing your customers of changes that might affect them or providing them with tips and advice on how to get the best out of their products, email marketing is a useful tool.

Showing off any previous work in a mass email can also be beneficial. Customers who used your services in the past may be encouraged to do so again if they see the standard of your work has not diminished.

Of course, email marketing gives you a great opportunity to promote any new services or inform your customers about any current promotions. This is probably the most used and effective form of email marketing as it is proven to attract customers back to your website. By targeting your existing customers, you are more likely to attract new business for your company, as customers happy with your service are going to use your services again rather than look for someone else.

The last benefit of an extensive and professional email marketing campaign is that your existing customers have the opportunity to forward your email on to others. If they see a service or product that they think a friend or member of their family could do with, they could well forward on your email. Not only is this free advertising for you; it also increases the likelihood of a sale.

A successful email marketing campaign, in support of an effective and engaging website, can make the difference between a company doing well and a company struggling. If you would like any information about how a Smart Domain Group email marketing campaign can help you, please see our Email Marketing page.