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Improve The Success Of Your Email Marketing Campaigns

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One thing that unites almost every successful internet business is that they all use effective email marketing. We may choose to ignore social media or avoid using search engines, but checking our email inbox is generally unavoidable. If new and existing customers have already expressed a good level of interest in your company by sharing their email address with you, it means they are far more likely to buy your products or services. Which is why we regularly see a jump in sales figures whenever we send out emails on behalf of our clients.

So how do you improve the success of your email marketing campaigns?

Your first step to get better results from your business emails is to build a quality database of customers and prospects.  There are several do's and don'ts when it comes to building your list - and the best way to start is by collecting information from users who are genuinely interested in your brand, products or services.

You can achieve this by:

  • Not buying a list from a third party - These lists are generally out of date, and there is no way of confirming that users have genuinely opted-in.
  • Place a call to action on your website encouraging users to sign up for advice, special offers or latest news
  • Add a subscribe box to your contact and sign-up forms
  • Asking your customers if they would like to sign up for special offers after check-out, you can even sweeten the deal by offering them discount off their next purchase or delivery cost.
  • Offer a sign-up bonus such as a free eBook guide. Or run competitions for email subscribers.
  • Using information from your CRM to create a list of prospects and customers

Send personalised emails

A great way to connect with your subscribers or customers is to send them emails that are relevant and interesting.  Personalised emails can be achieved simply by using a customers name in the first line rather than "dear customer", or wishing your customer a Happy Birthday. They can also be slightly more complex - such as abandoned shopping baskets, which can be used to trigger a gentle nudge email reminder to complete the sale.

If a subscriber has bought something from you in the past you may already have valuable information that could make your future emails more successful. You can segment lists by gender, location, age, company type and target those most likely to be interested in the product or service you are currently promoting.  A customer may have bought a specific product and might be interested in future similar products.

Get a professional designer to create your email templates

Your emails should connect with your customers visually and increase interaction. That's why it's often more cost effective to use an experienced designer or company rather than starting from scratch with a DIY approach. Without any previous experience or data to learn from, you can spend years testing different designs, layouts and visual ideas without necessarily seeing any improvements.

We've sent thousands of emails on behalf of our clients. So when we create a visual design for your emails, we can incorporate what we've learnt from hundreds of thousands of individual interactions. By combining that with your business identity, you get something that is unique - but is based on sound judgement about what works for email marketing.

Avoid Spam Traps

It's never been easier to accidentally be blacklisted by the major email providers for sending spam, and harder to recover.  It can be triggered by specific words and phrases, or by a design which hides subscription options.

Most email providers share their spam lists, so if you're blacklisted by one provider, you're likely to have been blocked by all of them. If you do get categorised as spam, it can be a long and time-consuming process to rectify the issue. If you choose an experienced, professional email marketing provider, they'll know the latest rules on what has to be avoided.

E-Commerce Integration

How many times have you been making a purchase online, and then been distracted or realised your credit card isn't nearby? By integrating email marketing into your e-commerce platform, you can send automatic reminders if a potential customer has stopped part of the way through the checkout process and prompt them to come back and complete their order.

And once a new customer has made their first order, you can encourage them to become a regular, repeat buyer. Simply integrate your email offer into the post-checkout sequence.

Detailed Reports

With detailed email marketing reports, we can help you identify what works, and what opportunities might have been missed. It also means you can find out which days and times are best for regular emails, which offers convert the most customers, and much more.

Automatically Triggered Emails:

It's not just E-Commerce which can benefit massively from automatically triggered email marketing. When someone signs up as a new email subscriber, why not send them an automatic welcome message which includes details of your latest offers?

The most important step to improve the success of your email marketing campaigns is to get started. And that's much less daunting if you're working with experienced professionals who can recommend what tools, tactics and designs will be the best choices for your business.