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Craft the Perfect Marketing E-Mail

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With the amount of e-mails that flood our inboxes daily, sending one that will actually attract the receiver is hugely important. Making yours stand out and promote your brand in the right way will make all the difference. Learning how to craft the perfect marketing e-mail takes time but is well worth it in the long term. Our helpful guide will take you through the main tips and tricks successful e-mail marketers use to generate business for their clients.

How to craft the perfect marketing e-mail

Tip 1

Make the subject title stand out

Tip 2

Get to the point quickly

Tip 3

Keep it clear but concise

Tip 4

Make the e-mail personalised

Tip 5

Provide the reader with an incentive

Make the subject title stand out

With the amount of e-mails people receive on a daily basis, it's an absolute must to make sure your subject title stands out from the crowd. Try and keep the subject title short but engaging. Provide the reader with a reason why they'd want to click on your e-mail. If you're offering a discount, make sure that's clear in the subject title. If you're going to save them money, let them know. Alternatively, try and make them laugh or smile with your subject title. If they're intrigued by the title, they're far more likely to click on the e-mail and then potentially visit the website.

While making the sure the e-mail content is spot on is incredibly important, it won't matter if the reader doesn't click on the e-mail. And that will only happen if the subject title makes them want to do so.

Get to the point quickly

If your e-mails resemble War and Peace more than a short and sharp burst of information, the chances are your readers lose interest quickly. While it's important to get all the information in, try and keep it short. Especially given the fact that the average adult attention span is just eight seconds! It's important to make every moment count, so include relevant information but keep it as minimal as possible.

You also need to make sure that your reader knows what the message of your e-mail is. They need to know why they should care about responding to you; be it by visiting your website or subscribing. You should always make sure that the major selling point (i.e. an offer or new product) is made clear early on.

Keep it clear but concise

While it's important to keep your marketing e-mail content short and sweet, you don't want the reader to miss the point. If your e-mail content consists of tons of one-liners that just appear out of nowhere in the middle of a thought, your readers won't follow the thread. Make sure that your e-mails have more composition and context without being extensively long.

It's a fine line to tread, but get it right and you'll notice a huge improvement in the success rates of each and every e-mail you send out. After all, if you read an e-mail that was short but made little sense, you'd click away pretty quickly wouldn't you?

Make the e-mail personalised

It may sound obvious, but sending personalised e-mails makes a massive difference. They're a great way of connecting with your customers and subscribers. They're very easy to do, too. All you need to do is use the customer's name in the first line, rather than 'dear customer'. It's small things like this that can make the difference between a sale and the deletion of the email!

If a subscriber has bought something from you in the past, you could well have valuable information that could make future emails to them more successful. For example, you can segment lists by location, age, company type and gender. You can then target those most likely to be interested in the product or service you're promoting. In essence, if they've bought a specific product in the past, they might be interested in future similar products.

Provide the reader with an incentive

Your e-mail can be incredibly well written but if it doesn't give the reader an incentive, it's not going to be as successful as it should. You need to make sure that your reader knows exactly why they should give you a call or visit the website. This could be anything from a special offer or discount to the introduction of a new and innovative product.

With this in mind, you should also consider basing your overall e-mail marketing strategy on this. If you don't have an interesting topic to tell your readers, or no incentive to tempt them with, then don't send an e-mail. Choosing the best time to send your e-mail could well make a huge difference to the success of your strategy. For example, only sending e-mails when there's something interesting to say will make them the impact far stronger. Readers will get bored of your weekly e-mails if you've got nothing interesting to say.

This helpful guide will help you craft the perfect marketing e-mail!

Follow our helpful guide and you'll notice an improvement in the success of your e-mail marketing strategy. Making sure that your emails are personalised, well written, incentivised, clear and concise and featuring an engaging subject title will really help them stand out.

While we've now given you the tips and tricks for crafting the perfect marketing e-mail, we appreciate that some small to medium business owners just don't have the time to write successful e-mails. Here at the Smart Domain Group, we can take care of that for you. With nearly two decades of experience in the web design industry, we offer comprehensive e-mail marketing campaigns for our Kent and UK clients. Using specialist e-mail marketing software and utilising the skills and expertise of our copywriters, we specialise in successful e-mail marketing services that are tailored around the individual needs of each client.

Contact us today on 01634 810600 to discuss your e-mail marketing needs with one of our friendly team.