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What a Good Social Media Campaign does for your Business

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Used as a tool to increase brand awareness and improve search engine results, social media campaigns have become an essential part of businesses marketing strategies. 

Smart Domain looks at the impact a good social media campaign will have on your business and website: 

Increase of brand awareness 

Social media is the fastest way to increase the awareness of your brand, having employees, customers, sponsors and business partners like and share your page or content will further grow your brand across social media platforms. 

Creating profiles on all social media platforms, will ensure that you can reach all audiences and potential customers, through the channels that they use the most. Social media is the instant tool for information seekers, news readers and browsers, being accessible to them is essential to your business. 

Each post has the ability to be shared and introduced to a new host of people that, if they like what they see and read, will be led in to becoming subscribers or customers, the potential is huge. 

Brand loyalty

Return business is the best business they say. A loyal customer base, is one that feel such a strong enough bond with your brand and product, that they would never entertain the idea of using a competitor. 

Social media campaigns give you the opportunity to interact with your customer base during the campaign, further raising your profile with them. Loyalty needs to be shown both ways, so if your customers ask questions, or even if they have some criticisms, make sure to respond to them, to show you care about what they are thinking and posting, as much as they do with you. You can flip this this to have a positive effect on your business, even using feedback to tailor a service you now know your customers would respond to. 

Customer satisfaction is linked to this, social media and campaigns give your company a voice that perhaps can't be heard from your website. Customers will feel appreciated that they will get a personal response to a comment they make. 


Having a profile for most social media accounts is free of charge, which is a huge bonus for marketing purposes. In most cases any paid social media promotions that have been paid for come at a low cost, therefore social media campaigns are a cheap but effective way of maintaining and boosting business. 

Social media campaigns also cost little in time, it doesn't take long to post, comment or share, which allows you to respond to your client base quickly too. We live in a in demand , must happen now society, social media is the tool to be able to compete, cope and grow  in the marketplace, at a fraction of the cost compared to other sources of investment and marketing.  

Increase of traffic 

Social media campaigns give you the opportunity to cast your net out and bring to shore fresh customers. A strong well-designed website will attract customers if it is performing well amongst the search engines, but a well developed and strategized social media campaign will increase traffic to your site . 

Thinking outside the box and being creative with your campaign will allow you to breakaway from your loyal customer base in search for new clients to grow your business and spread its reputation. You wont be at risk of losing the customers you already have, unless you really upset them with a poor post or comment response, which if you know your customers well enough, you wont. 

Not everybody is the same, new traffic brings new results and needs, this will give you the chance to show how flexible you can be,  you are not deterred by different behaviours and thoughts, and you can tailor your service to your client's needs. 

With so many different social media platforms you have the chance to open the floodgates and have traffic streaming through, managed and monitored properly you can generate high conversions from social media interest, which is the ultimate goal. 

Rise through the search engine rankings

Getting your website to climb the Google rankings is not an overnight operation by any stretch of the imagination. If you have been using SEO techniques, you will know that it is a marathon and not a sprint. 

Quality content and keyword usage on your website is the bread and butter of SEO, however constant social media campaigns are another opportunity to rise through the rankings. High quality content that incorporates your keywords, posted through social media channels will make your profiles attractive and give your followers a reason to like, share and forward your content. This gives you more opportunities to be exposed to industry influencers who will write about and review your business, whilst also linking back to your site which will have a direct impact on your website.   

If you have the social media platforms but don't have the staff or time to commit to social media campaigns, why not contact the experts here at Smart Domain Group. Working across Kent and the UK, we specialise in wonderfully crafted social media campaigns for small medium businesses.