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Top tips for Christmas Email Marketing

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The holiday season will soon be approaching, and while many set out to enjoy the festivities, your marketing team may soon feel snowed under by last minute campaign ideas and tight deadlines.

Kicking off with Halloween, followed by Thanksgiving, Black Friday Weekend and Cyber Monday, there is a very short time frame leading up to Advent and Christmas.  Last year, Black Friday cracked the £1bn sales mark for the first time ever and is set to follow suit this year as even more bargain hunters are looking to save money.

In order for your festive emails to make the most impact it makes sense for a little forward planning to help things along.

Make a Christmas Email Marketing plan!

The festive season offers a fantastic opportunity to celebrate with your subscribers, so if you haven't already started - now is the time to come up with very merry marketing plan.  It’s important to note all the important dates in advance and decide on what products and offers you want to promote.

In an ideal world - you would create your campaigns in advance, and sit back while your marketing system sends them automatically for you, however we all know this isn’t always possible!  A definite schedule is the best way for your marketing team to be able to make sure that perfect emails are sent out on time – every time.

Build up the hype!

Not all emails you send will be read by your users, so you can improve interaction by sending a series of automated emails to build interest or to remind them of sale end dates.

For a quick example, we can focus on a series you could set up for Black Friday weekend

  • Friday (before Black Friday!) – Black Friday Teaser email
  • Sunday – Upcoming Deals email
  • Tuesday – Promo Code for Black Friday email
  • Thursday – Happy Thanksgiving email
  • Friday – Black Friday Crazy Savings email
  • Sunday – Cyber Monday Teaser email
  • Monday – Cyber Monday Deals email

Create a Sense of Christmas Urgency

As Christmas and the looming last postage dates draw nearer; remind customers they need to act fast so they don’t miss out.  They will have plenty of emails in their inbox demanding their attention so you will need to compete for centre stage.  Create urgency in your subject lines – remind them they will miss out if they don’t buy now!

Retailers often use subject lines to instill a sense of urgency

  • FREE SHIPPING for today only!
  • Stocks running low, get yours while you still can!
  • Santa’s last call for 20% off orders – runs out Midnight tonight!
  • Extended opening hours at your local store
  • Last chance for 15% off Christmas gifts – offer ends Sunday

Remind Shoppers About Abandoned Baskets

Online shoppers often add items to baskets, only to abandon them when they distracted.  Help these shoppers remember by sending a friendly email to let them know how to finish buying their goodies.

Make Sure Your Emails Look Great on Mobiles

Roughly half of emails are opened on mobile devices, and as time goes that number will just keep increasing so it’s important your emails look perfect on any device.  If they don’t perform well on mobiles – you will be missing out on 53% of your subscribers!

Use 'Picture Perfect' Christmas Email Images

Big beautiful pictures get results and the holiday season is the perfect opportunity to get creative with tinsel and fairy lights. You could kickstart your holiday marketing by sending your customers a sneak peek of your Christmas range with a large festive image to encourage them to keep you in mind when it comes to buying presents.

Don’t Forget! Email Marketing Isn’t Just For Christmas

Once Christmas is over don’t forget about your subscribers until October! Celebrate the New Year with them, wish them well, ask about their resolutions and maybe even encourage a bit of post-holiday shopping to get over the ‘back to work’ blues.