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5 Top Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns


5 Top Tips to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaigns

If your email marketing campaigns aren't working the way the should, then you might be missing a few vital tricks. You may be losing ROI with emails that don't quite hit the spot for your customers; so below are five top tips to improve your email marketing campaigns.


You need to make your email marketing campaigns as personal as you can, which can be difficult to follow through with. How can you make an email you're sending out to thousands of customers personal?

Adding their name or a personal titbit about them in the title of the email, or at the beginning of the body. If you are trying to sell them a product, put information about products they've previously bought from you. Linking something they've already done on your site with something they might like to do in the future makes the email very personal and the potential customer (or potential return customer) more likely to click through.


This not only means when you send your email marketing out, but also what you put in it. However, this doesn't mean putting the same content in every single email; that's repetitive and your customers will likely get bored and put your email in the trash before they even click on it.

Make sure every email you send out has something interesting in it that regular customers will find interesting (new customers will be another "segment", which will be covered later in the article). If you have a product that you want to get people to buy, write a really eye-catching email and then don't mention it again for a while. Don't keep sending out the same email about the same product or people will choose not to buy it. Or, not to read the email.

Responsive Design

Don't forget that a portion of your customers will be viewing their emails on their phone or tablet, which means that they will need to view it easily. If you have small text, or a lot of content, it will be a lot harder to view on a mobile device and people will likely put the email in the trash rather than getting up and remembering to look at it on their desktop.

Make sure to keep subject lines short, display small images, use a large font size and keep the body of the email under 600 pixels wide. This maintains a common structure for all of your responsive emails and means that everyone can view it equally.

Segmented Emails

Find out what your customers are buying and keep a note. Then, create buyer personas based off of them; you only need four or five, but this means that you can tailor the email marketing campaign for all four or five of those buyers. They will get an email more suited for their individual needs, and though it might not hit every customer on the head, you'll do a far better job than sending one email out to hundreds, or thousands of customers.

This means sitting down and working out who your buyer personas are. Usually, this will involve a meeting with your sales persons, your content writer and even your designer. Devise a plan and stick to your four/five personas to get better results.


Making sure to track and report on your email marketing is key in managing a successful campaign. How will you know if what you've put out is any good if you haven't monitored it? You need to know the stats of every campaign and use them to your advantage. If one email has done particularly well, look at it, analyse and work out why. On the other hand, if one email did particularly poorly, do the same.

Make sure to monitor your email marketing campaigns closely and by following all of these tips, you'll be able to see when all of these tips and tricks actually start to work and your ROI begins to increase.