With our E-mail marketing services

With our E-mail marketing services

With our E-mail marketing services

E-Mail Marketing Services

Hit the spot with our e-mail marketing services.

Regular targeted e-mails to existing customers and people who have previously expressed an interest in you through subscription or other advertising is one of the best ways to get new business.

Building you e-mail list is easy, ask your customers for their e-mail address, add a subscribe button to your website and add a 'subscribe to us' link to every advertising you send. You will be surprised how quickly the list grows.

Send them an interesting e-mail, not just about what you sell (ultimately you want them to buy something of course). You can send weekly, monthly, quarterly - all work. You can talk about you, new products, special offers, why they should consider your products, white papers. Just keep sending and you will get business enquiries from it.

We have one of the best e-mail sending systems in the UK. Its simple to use, feature rich, self administering and inexpensive. Or you can let us do it for you; we can write and design the e-mails, send them and measure the results.

If done correctly, e-mail marketing is an untapped goldmine for your business.

We also design great branded email stationery, Christmas cards, newsletters to assist your e-mail marketing. This strengthens your brand image it lets the recipient know that you are a professional company.

Our e-mail stationery includes:

Email stationery that you send using Outlook - £99
Email signature for each employee - £19
Email postcard or thank you - £99
Email Christmas card - £99

Designed to effectively compliment your website, our email stationery branding service is entirely bespoke, we design to your brand.

To talk to us about your email stationery, view examples or to place an order, please telephone 01634 810600 and speak to one of our experts or e-mail us and we will contact you. 

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