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  • Google launches new Customer Match advertising option

    Date: Wed 30th September 2015
    Google has announced a new advertising service named Customer Match, which runs across Google Search, Youtube and Gmail. It allows you to upload a list of email addresses, which can then be matched to signed-in Google users. You can then build camapigns and ads to target that audience wi... more >
  • Mobile advertising to overtake print in the UK in 2015

    Date: Wed 30th September 2015
    There's more proof of the importance of mobile to both businesses and customers. eMarketer has forecast mobile advertising spend in the UK to not only rise to more than £3 billion this year, but to also overtake the amount being invested in print advertising. It means that when it c... more >
  • AltaVista to Close Down

    Date: Fri 5th July 2013
    Back in 1995 AltaVista was one of the pre-Google pioneering search engines. It later declined when it was unable to compete with Google and other major search engines. Yahoo aquired AltaVista and kept it running before announcing an end to its  18 year run. AltaVista started at a time when m... more >
  • Microsoft Takes Android Monopoly Complaint to the EU

    Date: Wed 10th April 2013
    Microsoft and a number of other companies have complained to the EU commission about Google's android operating system stating that it is monopolising the hand held device market just as they have done with web search. This comes at a time when Google is already in discussion with the EU abou... more >
  • Design

    Kent Design and Development Awards 2012 Announced

    Date: Thu 8th November 2012
    Kent county council has recently accounced this years winners of the Kent design and development awards. The awarded projects are from various building backgrounds in categories such as public, education, residential, civils, commercial, industrial, retail and environmental. See this years fu... more >
  • DNT Set For Use On All Web Browsers

    Date: Tue 28th August 2012
    Over the last twelve months, many web browsers and sites, including Safari, Moxilla Firefox and Twitter, have started providing their users with DNT (Do Not Track) technology. Essentially, this allows users to have more control over their online tracking and enables more transparency in data coll... more >
  • Adobe Removes Flash For Mobile Users

    Date: Tue 28th August 2012
    A decision by Adobe to remove the option for Android users to download flash player updates could mean the end for flash on mobile devices. Already unavailable on iPhones and iPads, access to Flash is now set to be removed from Android phones that do not already have the player installed. Thi... more >
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